Quality, affordability and
   enhanced safety features

 Briefing sessions with
   architects and builders
   for incorporating design

 Various types of finishing
   and styling.

 Professionally managed
   customer support

 Semi automatic and fully
   automatic transport traction

 Well established and
   proven engineering

The average passenger waiting time in an elevator system is typically below 20 seconds. What other type of public transportation can boast of such performance? Yet to obtain this performance, efficient traffic planning is essential.

Traffic planning is based on the characteristics and the population distribution of a building. Up-peak traffic is most commonly used as a worst case traffic scenario in elevator planning.

Kohinoor Elevators is a Government of India Authorised and Licensed Company. Started in 1998 we have established ourselves as a full-service manufacturing firm specializing in fabrication, installation, restructuring and maintenance of elevators and lifts. We have developed several innovative and unique systems which allow any architect and builder utmost flexibility to work with their designs.

   We offer the following

 Planning and Design

 Fabrication of Elevators

 Interior & Exterior and
   facade installation

 Servicing and annual
   maintenance contract

 Maintenance for
   3rd party elevators

 On call servicing

From design to manufacture, installation to handover, Kohinoor is committed to the continuous development of process and product quality.

It ensures that you receive consistent quality on every aspect and supports our comprehensive safety procedures.

We have handled projects ranging from residential apartments, office blocks, and public access buildings, such as shops, malls & schools. The end result is freedom from worry about safety and reliability.

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