We want to improve your operations

Putting these tips into practice could contribute to safety, reliability and performance improvements of your elevator. They could also save you money by eliminating avoidable chargeable service calls.

What to do if the elevator stops?

In some cases, simple and fast checks are enough to put the elevator back into operation and save you from what could otherwise have been a chargeable call.

  • Is the 'stop' button activated?
  • Is the independent service switch in the on position?
  • Does any object (gum, paper), obstruct the photocell?
  • Is there an object (screw, coin) in the doorsill, preventing the door from closing?
  • Are the doors properly closed at all floors?

Tips for users

  • Children should always be accompanied when using the elevator or escalator.
  • No unauthorized person should enter the elevator shaft.
  • Do not transport any long objects by opening the car top emergency exit.
  • Do not jump in the car while the elevator is running.
  • Do not prevent the operation of the infrared door detection-cells with objects (chewing gum, tape).
  • Comply with the stated number of persons/weight for the elevator.
  • When cleaning corridors or car interior, avoid sweeping water into the shaft.
  • Use the 'stop' and 'alarm' buttons only when required.
  • When calling the elevator, press only the button indicating the direction you wish to travel.
  • Avoid keeping the door open when not necessary.

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